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Our mission is to help you feel and look like the king and queen that you are. Sacred Creations promotes and encourages peace within the mind, body, soul and spirit through copper crystal jewelry. We are here to help you incorporate healing crystal jewelry in your everyday life, and what each crystal means. We have plenty of sacred creations jewelry to ensure that no matter where you go the power of crystal healing energy is with you.


Our vision is to encourage all of you to take your self healing with love, care, and crystals. Be patient with yourself and allow the power of crystals to bring love into your heart.

. Much Love

~CEO Jameelah Dailey


Three years ago I started my journey to self healing within me wanting to cleanse my body I wanted to cleanse my mind as well. I started collecting crystals and wanted to be able to wear multiple at a time to recharge and cleanse my energy that's when I began wrapping my own jewelry. I gifted what I made to others and from there on I created a business which is now Sacred Creations! This has truly been an amazing journey of self healing and using crystals like Labradorite to assist me in change and transformation during this eventful journey. 

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