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-Clear Quartz: Is the most powerful of all healing stones. It amplifies, restores, releases, and stores energies. It clears out stagnant energy. It cleanses and restores the organs and the soul. It helps us to see things more clearly and releases negative blockages.
-Green Aventurine: A prosperity stone that is a all-around healer, and general healer.It imparts a winning attitude and energy, naturally improving the likelihood of success in all areas of life.
-Blue Topaz : Heightens your ability to communicate better, and to express yourself in a meaningful way, both when speaking or when writing.
-Breciated Jasper: Is a strong grounding stone. It is helpful for those that are going through an emotional crisis bringing you mental clarity, and stabilizing the auric field. It brings healing
towards those that are going through sexual trauma.
-Rose Quartz: It’s soft pink color transmits energies of compassion, love, and peace. It is known as the stone of unconditional love because it transforms relationships with yourself and others. 

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